Custom Calligraphed Address Stamp

Custom Calligraphed Address Stamp from Paperfinger
Custom Calligraphed Address Stamp from PaperfingerCustom Calligraphed Address Stamp from Paperfinger
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Ships within 3 weeks, arrives 3-7 days after.

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Choose from one of eight styles for a custom return address stamp that will replicate handwritten calligraphy each time. It’s quite amazing how convincing these can be!

It makes for a great housewarming or newlyweds gift for yourself or others. Or a beautiful alternative to pre-printing return addresses for your invitations.

If you would like a personalized stamp design, please send me more information and I’d be happy to provide you with an estimate.

How does it work?

1) Paperfinger will send you a confirmation email upon receiving your order. We will ask you to specify the style and text for your stamp.

2) After we hear back from you, you will receive a proof to approve by email about 10 business days after ordering.

3) Once the proof is approved, you will have your stamp about one week later!

Any questions, contact [email protected]

Brooklyn, New York

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